Our Producers

We are proud to work with some of the finest craftsmen & women across the country to create Roots & Wings Organic products. We choose small, artisan producers who, passionate about what they do, are dedicated to making the best.

Using first class organic and natural ingredients, specific varieties from known sources with highly skilled, traditional methods they nurture the flavours to create truly delicious food and effective but gentle body care products.

Good for you and for the environment.

Our sugar confectionery partner is Brays


Brays have been making sweets in the traditional way for over 100 years making them one of the oldest sweet makers in the country. They are passionate about what they do which is why we chose to work with them.

For Roots & Wings Organic the finest ingredients ingredients are sourced especially for our range.

The products are stirred by hand in open copper pots. When they reach the right consistency they are loaded onto metal tables and formed by hand into giant sweets which are gradually worked into long ropes. These are then cut and wrapped. The best way to achieve those original great flavours.

master jam makers in Somerset

Somerset Cuisine Limited

All of our jams are made by hand in traditional copper pans. The gentle stirring and cooking ensures the integrity of the fruit and the maximum of flavours.

We select our fruit from long established growers where berry varieties are chosen for their rich, full flavour and high natural sugars. 
Traditional family organic orchards in Seville have been chosen for our oranges to make our award winning marmalade. Zingy lemons from Sicily are combined with British organic eggs and butter to make our wonderfully smooth and rich award winning lemon curd. All of the varieties we have picked are grown specifically for their tang and taste.

All of our jams are award winning.

Our hair & bodycare partner is Medichem


Medichem is a British manufacturer of hair and beauty products. Established in 1992 by Tom Allsworth, Medichem is based on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent employing many local people, most of which have been with the company from the beginning.

Our ranges include organic lavender & chamomile which is for gentle cleansing for all the family. Sweet Orange & Rose Geranium which keeps the natural oils in hair and skin balanced. Coconut, Almond, Aloe Vera, Jojoba with Ylang Ylang for moisturising hair and skin and Grapefruit & Mint to remove excess oils. Our Argan Oil range is for deep moisturising and repair.

We have shampoos, conditioners, hand wash, bath soak, shower wash and hand creams. Many are award winning.

We have just launched a new range of gift sets combining many favourite items in a beautiful gift box.