The love of great food

Our philosophy

The name Roots & Wings Organic

 was inspired by the received wisdom:

‘What’s the best thing in life you can give your children:
roots for confidence and stability to grow and wings for aspiration’.

Food and cooking

As food and cooking are so central to good family life one of the key motivations behind Roots & Wings was the love of great food which through the craftsmanship of so many fantastic people in the UK can be made available to everyone.

Eating and enjoying food together as a family is so important and providing good food is one way of showing how much a family is cherished, especially when that food has been grown and nurtured and made with care.

The heart of our brand

Everyone wants to do the best they can for their family. If you can provide the roots to keep your family happy and grounded, you’ll also be giving them confidence and the wings to aspire and grow!

It’s these values that are at the very heart of our brand - where our very passionate farmers, growers and chefs have become an integral part of our family too. Going way back to what goes in the ground is just the start of our journey. Every ingredient in our product ranges have been nurtured to create the best possible products.

Our chefs and cooks are dedicated to crafting and blending these hand-picked ingredients, to give you the best tasting organic and natural food and hair and body care you're ever likely to experience.