Our Farmers

Richard Hazell and his family raise our organic and free range pigs on his farm near Tetbury in Gloucestershire.

Richard grows his organic pigs to Soil Association standards in open fields on Cotswold brash soil. The pigs are outdoors all of their lives in wide open fields. They wallow in mud baths in the heat of the summer and burrow into deep straw in the winter.

Animal welfare is very important to Richard. He does not feed his pigs any routine drugs or other additives. He does not dock tails or clip teeth but lets the pigs live as naturally as possible.

Richard's pigs are a Duroc / Landrace cross with some Hampshire. The major emphasis being Duroc to give a lean meat marbled with fat for flavour and taste. The Hampshire is an Old English breed one removed from the wild pig so has a great ability to live outside and a has naturally strong immune system.

Richard also raises our Free Range pigs. Free Range pigs have very similar conditions to his organic pigs but they are not fed with organic feed. Like organic pigs, free range pigs are born outside, in fields where they remain all of their lives. They are provided with food, water and shelter and are free to roam within very generous spaces.